All units indoors with security lighting, 24/7 CCTV coverage, coded access to main security gates and coded access to warehouse doors.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Access to your unit(s) is between the hours of 7am & 7pm Monday to Saturday, access outside these hours can be arranged by calling 01945 585662.
  2. You the hirer is responsible to ensure you have adequate insurance to cover the value of the contents of your unit(s).
  3. You the hirer is responsible to supply your own padlocks to secure your unit(s).
  4. No explosives, dangerous chemicals, inflammable items or anything of an illegal nature may be stored in your unit. You the hirer of the unit(s) agree to indemnify Walton Self Store against anything found in your unit should the Police or Customs & Excise wish to search your unit(s).
  5. When your rental period has expired your unit must be left in the same condition as you found it, any damage will be paid for.
  6. You must notify Walton Self Store immediately of any damage or intrusion to your unit(s).
  7. Walton Self Store do not guarantee the unit(s) fitness for your storage purposes.
  8. Walton Self Store require 28 days notice to end hire agreement on all long term agreements.
  9. You the hirer alone is the only one permitted to exercise these storage rights on these terms.
  10. Under no circumstances are Walton Self Store responsible for any damage or loss incurred to goods or property stored in your unit(s).
  11. Walton Self Store reserve the right to terminate the contract immediately for any serious breach of these terms you may undertake including any debts outstanding on your account.
  12. Default of payment. If payment is not made by the due date, we will change the access codes and will fit our own security lock on the storage unit, and this will not be released until payment has been made in full. If payment remains unpaid 21 days from expiry, we reserve the right break your locks and all the goods stored are subject to a general lien, and we will sell the contents of the storage unit in order to recover any outstanding fees due.